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Martin Brossman – Interviewed with NBC17 about Job Hunting using Linkedin

Posted by Martin Brossman on 11/27/2008

NBC17 interview with Martin Brossman about Linkedin and Jobs

NBC17 interview with Martin Brossman about Linkedin and Jobs

An Interview with Martin Brossman on Using Linkedin as a Job Hunting tool. Also see other resources below.

Here is the two links to the shows:

1st the spot that was shown on the nightly news:

2nd more of the interview:

I want to thank all who recommended me for this show including Greg Hyer with the great RTP Linkedin resource:, Wayne Sutton and Chuck Hester (Linkedin Live, find Chuck at: I know their were others that recommend me as well but did not get the names.

Other resources: Professional Networking On-Line (Article on :

Martin Brossman - Success Coach / Trainer

Martin Brossman - Success Coach / Trainer

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