Business & Career Uses of Linkedin – Martin Brossman

Understanding Linkedin both for business and your career, managed by Martin Brossman

Linkedin Resources by Martin Brossman

Linkedin Resources and training by Martin Brossman

Video Instruction:

Suggested changes to your public profile

Giving Recommendations in Linkedin

Using Linkedin on Twitter:

Blog posting Linkedin:

Getting the Most out of Linkedin by Martin Brossman published on Create Business Growth Blog

Podcast interviews with Martin Brossman on

Linkedin as a Business Resource, interviews with Ajay Jain from New Delhi

Linkedin For Your Career, talk to Colonial Jobseekers by Martin Brossman

Linkedin training offered by Martin Brossman

One-To-One Linkedin Expert Training with Martin Brossman

Getting the Most From LinkedIn
Understanding and gaining benefit from Linkedin, the on-line networking resource with the least amount of time commitment.

Unlocking the Power of LinkedIn -LIVE!
An on-site training. Limited to 20 people with laptops required. Location must have wireless that can accommodate power and bandwidth for 21 people.

Linkedin – Power applications of Linkedin as a Business tool

An NBC17 interview with Martin Brossman using Linkedin for finding Jobs:

Martin Brossman – Success Coach/Trainer/Author can be reach at: (919) 847-4757 or . A few of his websites: &

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