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People Who Gained Employment on LinkeIn

Posted by Martin Brossman on 03/13/2009

A few stories about people that got jobs or business using Linkedin. These replies came from a question I asked on LinkedIn:

“The job in question was never advertised and is my current role. One of my contacts is a head hunter who had been given an assignment to find a new SVp EMEA, we knew each other originally via some common connections and had recently linked networks. He gave me a call to ask if I knew anyone as he had posed a no name job profile on LinkedIn… I said me and after several rounds of interviews against 34 other candidates I was offered the position. ” – Preferred be anonymous

I got my current job partially through using an Introduction while in the interview process…
Bryan C Webb, P. Eng.

I am a LinkedIn Success. I connected with Chuck Hester, Director of Communications at iContact. When I saw an open sales position with iContact I contacted Chuck ask asked if he could ask the hiring manager to take a look at my resume. Two weeks later I was hired.
It is important to keep in mind that it is up to you during the interview to impress the hiring manager and remember the reputation of the person who offered to help. Greg Hyer –

In February, I am being flown to Chicago to be a keynote speaker at an professional association’s annual conference. The event planner found me through Linkedin.
Dan Galloway –

As an Outplacement counselor, I recommend Linkedin to all my clients who constantly use it as a source of Leads, Research, and Networking. Many of my clients have found their new position through a connection on Linkedin. Martin Brossman has presented to our clients how to effectively use Linkedin in their Job Search. This exceptional presentation launched an effective tool for my clients. Thank YOU- Martin –
Mary Cichocki –

I am currently working on a short-term project because I responded to a comment in one of my Linkedin groups. It’s an extremely interesting project at a great company with wonderful people.
Linda Bogie –

I am a LinkedIn Success. I connected with Chuck Hester, Director of Communications at iContact. When I saw an open sales position with iContact I contacted Chuck ask asked if he could ask the hiring manager to take a look at my resume. Two weeks later I was hired.
It is important to keep in mind that it is up to you during the interview to impress the hiring manager and remember the reputation of the person who offered to help. Links:

I have received several offers from LinkedIn Members. I have also been approached a number of times. Unfortunately, I have not accepted a position as a direct result of my LinkedIn membership. However, it has been present at every stage of the hiring process. Typically, 4 out of every 5 recruiters or hiring managers reference some information listed on LinkedIn. On many occasions, I have been asked about a person I recommended or a recommendation someone left for me. A few times, I have even been able to solidify a relationship during an interview because of a common connection. The funniest LinkedIn incident occurred last year, I was interviewing for a position. While I was waiting, a gentleman “bumped” into me in the hall wall. We then sparked up a great conversation during my wait. Later in the day, I interviewed with the same gentleman. As it turns out, he was the hiring manager. He had researched me on LinkedIn, saw my picture, and hunted me down. His goal was to get to know me outside of the interview process. I hope this helps your blog and inspires other LinkedIn users. By the way, if you would like to assist me in landing my first job via LinkedIn, Feel free to check out my profile: or my website at

In prior positions, I twice hired executives through I posted the position, received a significant amount of interest, was able to conduct all the necessary pre-interview due diligence on LinkedIn, and made offers post-interview that were accepted.
Amit Malhotra –

I have received profitable consulting and speaking engagements, job offers, and personally utilized LinkedIn resources to seek candidates for positions that I had available. LinkedIn is a fantastic tool for staying in touch with people, profession updates, and groups that offer great services to individuals and communities. Dorene Weiland –

Yes. I’ve placed 23 people with clients in North Carolina (manufacturing and high tech) using LinkedIn. It’s the most useful tool out there to identify top talent. Amanda Moore -

I have been hired by a contact initiated via LinkedIn and I believe I’ve helped a few people connect for new jobs too…
Anna Marshall -

LinkedIn is a great tool for that. I use LinkedIn daily as a recruiting tool. The added benefit is that my candidates can research me just as much as I can research them so that they know exactly whom they are working with. In a career move, its important to have that leverage.
Adam Staton -

My present assignment was gained by a consultant who included me in his contacts some months ago. That connection contributes to get in contact with people from the same recruitment company.
I am convinced about the efficiency of a tool like LinkedIn to gain a job or an assignment. But the results depend mainly from you, by the usage you are doing of LinkedIn. Depend if you are using LinkedIn as a network tools or as a “phone book”.
Eric Saint-Guillain –

yes – my latest job came through a connection in my network – been here for 18 months now 🙂
Guy Tweedale –

Yes, I answered a question like I am doing now (in the Q&A area of LinkeIn) and got regular work from a new client of mine with a logo and brochure. More work is coming. So does Linkedin bring work? The answer is yes. But you have to work Linkedin. Not sit on the sidelines.
Coby Neill –

So what is your story, have you or someone you know gained work from using Linkedin. Let us hear your story!
– Martin Brossman Success Coach / Trainer / Author –

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The Top 10 Reasons to Spend Time Using LinkedIn for Career and Business

Posted by Martin Brossman on 02/01/2009

How are you using LinkedIn?

How are you using LinkedIn?

The Top 10 Reasons to Spend Time Using LinkedIn for Career and Business
By Martin Brossman and Greg Hyer

LinkedIn is a free resource that lets you build and maintain a global and local network–a powerful tool in a world where higher transparency is required for trust. LinkedIn allows you to keep in touch with not only what people are doing but who they are connecting with. It is a social medium that is professional and businesslike. If you have not spent time with it and you care about your career and your clients’ trust, it’s time to start allotting some hours to it.

Here are just a few reasons to invest time in

1. More than 30 Million people you can search.
LinkedIn lets you research 30 million professional people with almost 100% accuracy and gives YOU permission to know the information posted on the profile. For example, if you met someone for the first time and mentioned you saw in their LinkedIn profile that they went to the same school you went to, that would build rapport. If you gained this information from a private paid database, that might make them feel uncomfortable.

2. Free quality consulting advice.
Use the Answers area of LinkedIn to obtain valuable free information as you need it—it’s often comparable to thousands of dollars of consulting advice. One way people are motivated to give you quality answers is because they have a chance of you voting their answer to you as the most useful answer increasing their status as an expert.

3. Establishing yourself as an expert.
Receiving authentic recommendations from past or present associates and co-workers which appear in your LinkedIn profile can help position you as an expert. Of course recommendations have to be earned by quality work, generally building over time to enrich your LinkedIn presence, and are often inspired by your giving sincere recommendation to others. At the same time, answering questions offers you a further opportunity to be seen as an expert by responding to questions posed in your field. When your answer reveals your expertise, you have the possibility of being voted “expert answer.”

4. Enhancing your brand and presence on the web.
LinkedIn is a site that builds more credibility than your own website. It is well-indexed by Google. When people see a recommendation given to you on LinkedIn, they can choose to see the full profile of the person that gave the recommendation, giving it more credibility.

5. Direct introductions to a large number of quality people.
Through LinkedIn you can be directly introduced to and have access to people who may not take your call directly. By properly using LinkedIn’s direct introduction system, you can get introduced to people that you are connected to as well as people that your contacts are connected to. You can also learn who your contacts are connected to, and how they are connected. Important note: When you make the reach to contact them, always have a reason in their best interest.

6. Allowing people to prescreen YOU to build faster trust.
With higher demands for greater transparency, LinkedIn offers a credible way for your customers to prescreen you by seeing recommendations without having to bother people. This also applies for people looking for a job. People can see recommendations to you without your having to repeatedly bother your references to pre-screen you.

7. Professional groups that let you connect with a common interest.
Connect with people that share a common interest by joining a group and participating in group discussions on the group’s discussion board. There is a group for everyone, such as local networking groups like Linking Raleigh, NC, school and corporate alumni groups, or groups related to an industry or profession.

8. Providing valuable changing resources to attract multiple visits to your information.
Use the LinkedIn applications to do things like display your WordPress or TypePad blog in your profile so that visitors can learn more about you. Add the Amazon book app so you can share with others what you are reading and recommend they read. Promote your events or find an event through the events app. Make a presentation by uploading a PowerPoint slide show about your business or even yourself.

9. The ability to recognize good people that the world can see.
LinkedIn lets you give recommendations to people throughout your entire life, and that can be a better use of your time then the usual mode of interrupting people to ask for a job or a sale. LinkedIn not only allows you to build trust and credibility with local people but people all over the world. Since you can search in your vicinity or anywhere, you can have local contacts and global ones very easily. By providing deeper information, LinkedIn can enhance existing relationships and deepen new ones. Spending some of your time appreciating good people in your life is the avenue to fostering friends and associates who care about YOU.

10. Keeping track of your direct and indirect network.
Use LinkedIn as an easy way to keep track of your contacts, their contacts, and changes in status. For example, if someone you know got promoted or received an award, this could by a way to acknowledge them for their accomplishment. You may find that a good friend wanting to help you just connected with an important person you want to meet.

Like anything in life, you do have to spend some time with LinkedIn to gain value from it. The time you spend building your profile will reap its return when you put yourself out there to expand your professional network and build your reputation through this rapidly expanding social media tool. Simply by sending and receiving recommendations, using apps, answering and asking questions, and helping others along the way, you can be remembered and made memorable by using LinkedIn. Take full advantage of what LinkedIn has provided for free and bring yourself to the forefront of a crowded room.

About Martin & Greg:

-Hello, I am Martin Brossman. As a success coach, I believe almost everyone should be on LinkedIn since it has given so much value to myself and to my coaching clients when they spend the right amount of time with it. If you Google my name in quotes, you will see the second item listed is my LinkedIn profile–all possible with the free LinkedIn service. I currently use their paid service, but that evolved after I gained value from the basic free service. (Our post above refers to all that is possible with the free service.) I have been offering group LinkedIn training in the Triangle since 2006, and in response to requests, I now offer customized LinkedIn training for individuals and small groups. My LinkedIn profile:

-Hello I am Greg Hyer. As a local networking advocate, I feel strongly that LinkedIn is the ideal tool and service to use to enhance your professional brand and manage your professional relationships. The benefits to using LinkedIn are significant, yet it does not require that you devote that much time to it. As a founder of a LinkedIn Group and corresponding website,, I help local professionals build a quality network and provide some resources to improve their chances of finding the connection for the next opportunity. My LinkedIn profile:

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